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About ActionStep

Company ActionStep

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ActionStep is a truly dynamic solution. Used by a wide variety of organisations in numerous industries, ActionStep manages all aspects of their day-to-day operations. Combining industry member consultation and tested models, ActionStep has been configured to deliver practical and comprehensive solutions

Visit website : http://www.actionstep.com/

Price : 60$ per user by month - Price may vary by country, includes 1GB storage, and excludes costs of TXT/SMS

Supported System : Web-based

Platforms/Certifications : Vmware

Deployment Method : SaaS

  • Effectively manage campaigns and events.
  • Improve your sales conversion rates
  • Create a dynamic and supportive workplace
  • Promote employee engagement and development
  • Multi-Currency and Multi-Division
  • Upload source documents for a paperless environment (e.g. invoices)

  • Low Monthly Cost and Excellent Return on Investment
  • Simplified Business Management and Planning
  • Easily Customised
  • Environment and User Friendly

You need a web browser and an internet connection only

New Zealand
90 Symonds Street
Phone : +64 (0) 9 379 3939
Email : sales.nz@actionstep.com

United Kingdom
Deskforce Europe
Phone: +44 (0) 844 357 8811
Email: info@deskforce.eu

Email : sales.au@actionstep.com

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