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About CareCloud Central

Company CareCloud

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CareCloud Central is the most practical, intuitive, and robust practice management solution for healthcare providers of all shapes and sizes, available at an incredible price. Scheduling, cancelling, and even moving appointments is a breeze with CareCloud’s medical scheduling software. We constantly monitor payment statistics and claim denial trends, and when a denial pattern appears, we generate rules to quash it. When you file claims electronically through CareCloud’s medical billing software, you don’t have to worry about making any of those tiny errors that might delay payment by weeks or even months. Forget the IT guy; CareCloud makes it easy to generate custom, intuitive reports and export them to variety of formats. Central is a web-based platform, meaning there are no servers to set up and no software to install and maintain – just log in from any computer, any browser, any time and anywhere for instant access to your practice’s inner workings.

Visit website : http://www.carecloud.com/solutions/central

Price : Our web-based software is only $499 a month per provider. All fees and transaction costs are included in this price.

Supported System : Linux, Mac, Windows, Web-based

Deployment Method : SaaS | Cloud

Interesting links : Blog | Pricing

CareCloud Headquarters
5200 Blue Lagoon Drive, Suite 900
Miami, FL 33126
Toll Free: 1-877-342-7517
Local: 305-265-4200

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