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About EZasset Business Asset Management

Company EZasset

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EZasset is an intuitive, simple to use, and powerful asset management application. EZasset supports all of your key asset management operations and business processes. Add EZasset to Google Apps and you’ll make your asset management solution even more convenient! *View and Search all assets-enterprise-wide or by business unit *Run asset Reports- by asset type, location, business unit. *Manage Asset Maintenance with Google Calendar. *Share & Gather asset data with Google Documents.

Visit website : http://www.ezasset.com

Price : EZasset has a FREE trial for the 1st 30 days and then it is just $14.99 a month!

Supported System : Web-based

Deployment Method : SaaS | Cloud

Porduct features

Create your account in seconds and start adding assets immediately!  You can enter as much or as little information as you want to go with the picture of your assets.

Do you have a lot of assets you want to add at once?  Upload multiple pictures and fill in the details to each of the assets as you go!
By viewing your assets, you can get a snapshot of the assets you have stored with EZasset or download the data related to the assets in an Excel spreadsheet.
Set calendar alerts for system refreshes, upgrades, warranty information – whatever you want!
With EZasset, you can get cash from your assets when you want to sell them!  Simply select the asset you wish to sell and fill in a few details – that’s it!

Porduct benefits

  • Online & Mobile Asset Management
  • Buy, Sell, Manage from 1 Location
  • All of your assets liquid – ALL of the time!


  • 100% Visibility of Assets & Inventory
  • Automatic, Real-Time Inventory
  • Easy Surplus Asset Liquidation

Porduct technical

You need a web browser and an Internet connection only


Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/ezasset

Twitter : https://twitter.com/EZassetBusiness

LinkedIn : http://www.linkedin.com/in/ezasset

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